Ingenious Qube has ventured into online advertising providing a wide array of Digital Marketing services that help companies gain prominence and visibility in the ever-crowded online space.

We make use of best-of-the-breed marketing and advertising technologies available to deliver measurable results to our clients. We are capable of maximizing the output of our clients’ online campaigns.


INGENIOUS QUBE lays special emphasis on display advertising. In this age of global economy and international marketing, Digital Display Advertising plays a significant role in brand building and revenue generation.

Focused – Unlike print media or electronic media advertising, digital display advertising is well directed. You can either use a search engine or our web hosting services to advertise for your products or services. In either of these platforms, you get the opportunity of having your advertisement displayed in a relevant web page or search. We, at INGENIOUS QUBE, also display your ad on similar websites. Being well directed, these ads are likely to attract serious visitors and prospective buyers.

Versatile – The versatility of this class of publicity is unmatched. These digital display ads are accessible by internet compatible devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile handsets. This versatility increases the reach of your advertisement across a much wider sphere. At INGENIOUS QUBE, we have perfected the art of making your display ads reach out to each of these compliant devices with equal effectiveness.

Affordable – As Display Advertising Experts, we offer two platforms for your online adverts: web hosting service provider and search engine. Each one has advantages of its own and the decision entirely lies on you on choosing an appropriate platform


INGENIOUS QUBE is very bullish about mobile advertising. Being the marketer who needs to be always ahead of the curve one can’t underestimate the importance of mobile devices especially the Smartphones.

Mobile advertising enables one-to-one communication in a highly competitive environment. Marketing campaigns using mobile network increases your reach to millions of prospective buyers in your target segment.

In this generation of online marketing, Mobile Advertising is a distinctive avenue of reaching out to your target audience more so, if youth is your target. Interestingly, more and more people have started using their smartphones for web browsing and getting things done through mobile apps. And we understand it’s just the starting, mobile devices & tablets are going to rule the world of Online Marketing where being forever online is the new mantra.


INGENIOUS QUBE, as a single window solution to your online advertisement needs, also caters to video marketing demands. Our Video Marketing Services are designed to deliver online advertisements across multiple platforms and devices. Advertisements developed by us are adaptable across various formats allowing you a publicity access to millions of online viewers.

With a combination of platforms and formats, the capabilities offered by us are best in the industry and have helped us in becoming the Best Video Marketing Agency in India. Our value added video services offer reliable streaming of videos across wired and wireless internet-enabled devices. This form of online publicity is an inexpensive way of creating brand awareness and generating revenue. Our team of professionals creates an environment of development through applications that are cost effective and scalable.


When it comes to marketing, it is not about what you say but how you say it that makes all the difference. It is high time you leverage the power of social media and make it the voice of your organization. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and professional networking websites like Linkedin can serve as the perfect marketing platforms for your products and services depending on your target segment.

Being one of the leading Social Media Marketing Experts, we are well aware of the fact that social media marketing is not only about building profiles, sharing updates and getting likes for profiles on social media platforms; it is much more. It is essentially about building a brand image, sustaining it and marinating a nonstop communication channel.


As Search Engine Marketing experts, we, at INGENIOUS QUBE, make use of several paid services to increase online marketing capabilities. In this era of digital communication with the Internet reigning as the most popular medium, we influence the right segment of browsers to visit your website in greater numbers.

We make sure your ads reach the right audience. This is done by running them across several platforms including the Google Search Network, Google Mobile Network, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search. We purchase text linked search results such as ‘pay per click’ advertisement. We ensure that your marketing costs are not wasted. Here, you not only get genuine customers but are also able to monitor your publicity costs. You pay only after your advertisement is clicked.

We strive to increase your ROI (return on investment) on online advertisement spending. For optimizing your spending, we carry out CPC (cost per click), CPT (cost per transaction), CTR (click through rate) and CPL (cost per lead) for your online advertisement.

INGENIOUS QUBE is the Best Search Engine Marketing agency you can find since we pay equal attention to your public relation (PR) and return on investment (ROI) irrespective of the scale of marketing.